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When crossing two beloved strains like Cheese and Blueberry, you’re expected to deliver a strain that will be hailed as a classic. Mixing two strains whose flavors don’t necessarily go hand-and-hand ups the ante even more. So with bated breathe let's introduce Blue Cheese.
Blue Cheese really packs the punch and is a top dog amongst indica strains. Her rich and creamy flavor mixed with lovely berry notes work together perfectly and produces a flavor and aroma like no other. It’s one of those flavor you just have to try if you love marijuana.
But her flavor isn’t the only thing to love, Blue Cheese is a go-to for medical patients, and tackles pain, cramps, and muscle spasms with ease. She’s definitely a hard hitter and will leave your body wrapped in a blanket of lush warm comfort, making her a great strain to use for night and before bed.
Our tip for this strain: You gotta watch the high from Blue Cheese as it sneaks up on you. Don’t expect a headrush that sativas and hybrid produce, but her THC levels can easily pass 15% and she’ll make sure you know this, so go slow the first few times.
What we love about this strain: She’s great for beginners who are lacking time and space. She only takes about 9-10 weeks in total to grow and remains stout and plump. You won’t be able to stop yourself and want to show off the strain to everyone, so maybe grow two plants because you’re weed will be gone fast.
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Genetica:Cheese Auto x Blueberry Auto
Tipo di pianta:Prevalentemente indica
Tipo di sesso:Femmina
Coltivazione:Al chiuso o all'aperto
Produzione:200 - 300 g/m² in SOG
Crescita:9 - 10 settimane